Slider POST 1 Episode 55: August 2015

Episode 55: August 2015

In this episode, we examine a conflict between protesters and police. A story of how one far off conflict transformed one New Yorker. A candid conversation with Artie Lange in his Hoboken apartment. Finally, Zach Wasser takes us into a competitive world of fish mongering.

Slider POST 2 Episode 54: May 2015

Episode 54: May 2015

In this episode, we are taking you behind the scenes. We are bringing our reporters in studio and watching the show with them, to get an up close look at what went into making these stories. First, we look into the New York protests in response to the killing of […]

Slider POST 3 Episode 53: April 2015

Episode 53: April 2015

On 219 West, we cover topics and people you can’t find anywhere else. And this week, we have stories from across the city. First up, Natasha Scully shows us how broken window policing has gone underground. Next, Lucina Melesio takes us to outer space with a story about stars and […]

Slider POST 4 Episode 52: March 2015

Episode 52: March 2015

From our studio at 219West 40th Street we take you to the five boroughs and bring you the stories that interest us and are as diverse as our city. Graffiti artist turn painting artist, recovering heroin addict, state of black lives matter movement, football saving lives and… Tibetan chhaang in […]