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219: Season 3, Episode 3

In this episode of 219 West, we take a look at the children of New York City, an artist view of New York, explore the future of media with Dan Rather and play with the news.

219: Season 3, Episode 1

This month, 219 West focuses on celebrating Women’s History Month by taking a look at the past — and honors women who paving their own way in the workplace.

Interview with Dan Rather

Legendary Network News Anchor Dan Rather shares his views on the changing face of journalism. Interview by Jessica Courtemanche.

The Next Chapter Interview

219 West Reporter Margaret Teich tells us more about “The Last Chapter.” Interview by Annais Morales.

Interview: Women In The Workplace

The struggle for women’s rights in the workplace still continues today. Reporter Alcione Gonzalez talks to Cynthia Epstein, CUNY Graduate School professor and gender studies expert in this 219 West interview.

Interview: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn talked to 219 West Reporter Annais Morales about what she does when the man next to her is the one singled out.

Politics: The New Majority

Political analyst Peter Beinart talks to 219 West about what will happen once the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in January. Interview by Jessica Courtemanche. » WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION RETURN » 219 West Season 2: Episode 2

Pop Culture Pimpin’

Movies and television tend to glorify pimps, but life on the street reveals a different story. Also, Midtown Community Court’s former criminal defense attorney Courtney Bryan sits down with 219 West to talk about alternative programs to help women get off the street. Produced and reported by Erica Butler. Interview (second video clip below) by […]

Election 2010: Predictions

Political analyst Peter Beinart shares his 2010 election predictions for New York City and the rest of the country. Interview by Courtney Carter.